WinAmpBar 1.51

No Image WinAmpBar, a Windows taskbar-like application that has all it takes to become a fully functional remote controller for your precious MP3 player. WinAmpBar integrates with Windows environment providing computer user with a panel similar to taskbar that can be used to control WinAmp player behavior without having to open WinAmp window. WinAmpBar can be located either in topmost or in the lower part of the desktop taking as much space as you decide

TrayList 2006.04: Plug-in with hotkeys, hothits and media organizer for your WinAmp
TrayList 2006.04

TrayList is a popular plug-in for WinAmp that gives you the power of hotkeys, hothits, media organizer, on screen display (OSD) and statistics features. The program also enables users to set any transparency level for WinAmp with old skins. Another great feature is a logarithmic scale to set the desired level of the sound colume and autoplay feature that starts the song right from the place where you exited WinAmp last time.

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XSound DSP Plugin for Winamp 2, 3 and 5 7.3: Download 3D Surround DSP Plugin for winamp. Dramatically changes sound quality.
XSound DSP Plugin for Winamp 2, 3 and 5 7.3

If you want to improve the quality of your sound dramatically you should definitely download our 3D Surround DSP Plugin for Winamp. Our plugin is considered to be the most powerful DSP plugin for winamp. It will help you to make your sound much more colorful. Plugin has easy to use interface. Wisit our site for more details :

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Playlist Magic Copy 1.0

Playlist Magic Copy is a small but very useful utility to copy files, that resides in many folders from Winamp playlist to a certain folder.Often files which included into one Winamp playlist physically resides in in many folders on your disk.This software makes it possible to copy files that resides in many folders from Winamp playlist to a certain folder.

copy, winamp, files, playlist

FlashSpec 1.0: Sound file spectrum analyzer with out put for Macromedia Flash
FlashSpec 1.0

FlashSpec is a stand-alone application that produces synchronization data specifically for use with Flash. It allows you to control animations and other events in Flash using amplitude or spectrum (frequency) values derived from sound files. It works as a Winamp plugin and thus requires winamp to be installed to work correctly. This allows it to support all audio formats that are supported by winamp, which is a long list.

plugin, spectrum, winamp, speech, lip sync, visualize, audio, synchronize, macromedia, analyzer, flash

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PimpBot 3.2.3

You are creating AVS, MilkDrop or SPS presets for Winamp and look for a convenient way to create installers. The PimpBot Compiler offers a graphical user interface for the creation of NSIS installers. Create installers that automatically detect Winamp, aswell as the APEs your presets might need. Customize the appearance of your installer by changing its icons or by applying any Winamp 5 Classic Skin. Install fonts, point users to the website.

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Easy Chords 0.95

The first and only Winamp plugin that shows chords and guitar tabs to absolutely any song, right inside your Winamp. No more searching the Net for chords and tabs. You can even choose one of three instruments and hear the chords mixed right into the original song! All Winamp skins are supported.

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